The main appeal of braces is the allure of having straight teeth and a beautiful smile afterward. However, there are many advantages to using braces to gain straight teeth besides just having a more esthetically appealing smile. Braces can help you achieve better overall dental health and can make it easier for you to chew, eat, talk, sing, whistle, play instruments, and basically anything else that you may do with your mouth. Braces Benefits

Minimize Gum Disease and Decay Risks

When teeth are crooked or overlapped, it can be very difficult to properly brush and floss every single crevice. This makes it easier for food debris and sugar from beverages to become trapped in the places that are hardest to reach. When you straighten your teeth with the help of braces, it eliminates these hiding spots, so you can more easily get your teeth completely clean every time you brush. Since gum disease and tooth decay are caused by plaque that builds up, straight teeth can help you avoid these issues.

Decrease Bone Erosion Risks

When the gums do not have teeth to support, they are directly exposed to food and beverages, which can cause the underlying bone to erode over time. Poorly aligned teeth can leave large gaps or can put pressure on the gums that make the gums more susceptible to bone erosion. Braces can help to align the teeth so that the gums are supporting the teeth and are not exposed to the forces that cause bone and tissue erosion.

Improve Speech

When the teeth are out of line or lean too far forward or backward, speech can be affected or impaired. This can cause embarrassing and frustrating slurs and slips that make it difficult for others to understand you. Poorly aligned teeth and tooth gaps can also make it difficult for you to whistle, hum, or sing. Aligning your teeth can help you to speak more clearly and professionally and can help you reach your full potential when it comes to singing, whistling, and playing instruments.

Make Eating Easier

When your teeth are straight, it is easier to chew your food completely and food doesn’t get stuck in your teeth as often, making the whole experience of eating more enjoyable. Chewing food completely is also very important to digestion, so digestion may be improved substantially by straightening the teeth. This can help you to eliminate digestive issues, which may help to improve health and mood and essentially the quality of life.