Braces can help improve your smile and the overall look of your child’s teeth. As a parent, you know how important that is going to be for your kids later on in life. Life with braces can pose some interesting challenges though, especially for younger children.

Dealing with braces on summer vacation likely won’t require much work at all from you or your children. In fact, if your child has had their braces for any length of time and they’ve been properly adjusted by an orthodontist, your child probably won’t even notice that they’re there.

However, there are some important summer vacation tips that parents and kids can utilize this season to make the most out of life with braces.


Keep a Braces Kit Handy

Life with braces generally isn’t much different than life without them when everything is adjusted properly. When you’re going out of town and away from your dentist and orthodontist though, you want to make sure you can handle any situation that comes your way. This is especially true when you’re dealing with the potential discomfort of a child.

To make wearing braces while traveling easier, packing a kit of essentials can be a handy option. To do this, all you’ll need is an extra toiletries bag – ideally one that’s waterproof and large enough to store a few necessary items.

Pack these items in your travel braces kit:

  • A small mirror. This will allow you to check the braces to see if anything is wrong or if food is stuck in hard-to-see areas.
  • Orthodontic wax. This can help ease discomfort associated with protruding wire in the mouth. If you run out, it should be readily available at most drug stores throughout the country.
  • Toothpicks, dental floss, and effective tools to help you clean between teeth and braces.
  • Travel toothbrushes and mouthwash for general oral hygiene.

Avoid Certain Foods

Summer vacation isn’t always the time to watch every bite of food, but when you’re dealing with life with braces, certain foods are still a no-no. Avoiding them shouldn’t ruin your summer, though!

  • Hard nuts like peanuts, almonds, and cashews.
  • Apples, pears, and other fruit in whole form. Chopping fruit is preferred for braces.
  • Bagels and hard bread.
  • Gummy and hard candy.
  • Corn on the cob.
  • Sticky foods and hard cookies or pretzels.

Make an Appointment Before Leaving

Short trips generally don’t require any special preparation from your dentist or orthodontist, but if you’re planning to leave town for a long period of time – four weeks or more, for example – coming in for a quick adjustment can make life with braces a little easier.

In most cases, your appointment will be quick and coming in will just allow your orthodontist to inspect the braces and make sure everything is in order. Minor adjustments that need to be made can usually be done in the office the same day.

Coming into the office for a quick visit can ensure that life with braces, even if you’re on the open road or lounging by the beach, is as comfortable as possible.

Wearing braces can help improve your smile and give you beautiful, healthy looking teeth for a lifetime. If your kids are wearing braces, you’ve taken a positive first step toward their overall health and self-confidence later in life.

Before you go on vacation though, make sure you’re ready for anything that may happen with your child’s braces. Most of the time nothing will come up, but you always want to be ready just in case so you don’t have to cut your vacation short.

For more information, give us a call and see how we can help make going on vacation easier for you and your family!