It is nearly time for summer vacation for many students across the country. If you and your child’s orthodontist have been talking about possibly beginning orthodontic treatment, summer may be the perfect time to get started. Free from some of the regular obligations that the school year brings, summer can give kids a chance to get used to braces, spacers, or other orthodontic appliances.

1. More Flexible Schedule

With the more flexible schedule that the summer allows, it makes it much more convenient to consult an orthodontist if there are issues or concerns after treatment begins. If children need to be brought in to make adjustments or need to attend frequent appointments, they don’t have to miss school and try to make up lessons. Parents have a little more freedom to set up schedules to work around their work schedules, without the additional pressures of working around children’s school schedules.

2. More Time to Devote to Care

During the school year, waking up and getting ready is a hectic rush and bed times must be met to make the next day smoother. This makes it difficult to add in the additional care needed to ensure that braces or other orthodontic appliances are completely cleaned. During the summer, children can take all the time that they need to get used to cleaning their braces, spacers, or other appliances. By the time they start school again after summer vacation ends, the additional care needs will be just a regular part of the daily routine.

3. Less Peer Stress

While it may seem trivial, summer is also ideal for beginning orthodontic treatment because there is less peer stress. Kids can be mean and spacers and braces can cause severe alterations in a child’s appearance-sometimes even large tooth gaps at the beginning of treatment. Removing this additional stress from a child’s treatment period may help them to feel more confident about the process. Allowing them to get used to their own appearance with braces or orthodontic appliances before facing peers again can make a huge difference.

4. Greater Control Over Food

Adjusting to the changes in diet that are dictated by beginning orthodontic care can be difficult when “no-no” foods are served for lunch at school. Kids may be more tempted to ignore the advice of orthodontists and indulge in their favorites when they are readily available. Beginning orthodontic treatment during the summer allows kids to get used to the changes in diet so that they will have more practice avoiding the temptations when offered off-limits foods.

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