Invisalign is just what you would expect from the name: a virtually invisible aligner for your teeth. Invisalign is great for teens who are concerned about the straightness of their teeth but want something that they can occasionally remove.

A lot of young athletes prefer the Invisalign to traditional braces because they can remove the aligner, flip in their mouthguard, and get ready for the match. Regardless of whether you’re an athlete, you can take out your Invisalign, clean and floss your teeth, and greatly improve your dental health. After all, you shouldn’t have to worry about discomfort or abrasions!

An Invisalign aligner can gradually move your teeth into more desirable positions. For some patients, that could mean correcting an underbite or overbite, while for others it might mean straightening crooked teeth or narrowing gaps between teeth to create a perfect smile.

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How Does Invisalign Work?

With an Invisalign, you’ll be wearing each aligner for around two weeks. You’ll be given a new aligner every time your teeth make incremental adjustments and take the shape of the previous aligner.

In terms of a treatment timeframe, you can expect to see your orthodontist for a checkup every month or two to ensure that your Invisalign treatment is going according to plan.

Your Invisalign Journey

Depending on your age and the kinds of dental issues that you’re trying to correct, you can expect between one dozen and three dozen different Invisaligns throughout your Invisalign treatment.

Since you wear each Invisalign for around two weeks, most patients wear a series of Invisalign aligners for six months to about eighteen months.

A lot of patients jump at the opportunity to have an Invisalign for a few reasons. Some of the most-cited reasons are that the Invisalign can be removed and that patients don’t have to worry about food particles getting stuck between brackets, braces, and their teeth.

Right before you’re ready to chow down, simply pop out your Invisalign. Then, reinsert it after eating. Remember, you should be wearing your Invisalign for between 20 and 22 hours per day.

Getting a Customized Treatment Plan

As an Invisalign provider and orthodontic specialist, Dr. Carlyle and her friendly staff will help determine whether you’re a candidate for an Invisalign. After that, you’ll get a customized treatment plan based on your lifestyle, budget, and personal dental issues.

Customized Invisalign treatment plans at Carlyle Orthodontics in Orlando involve a consultation, X-rays, impressions of your teeth, and a final consultation in which Dr. Carlyle will give you her take on your plan.

You’ll find out how using an Invisalign can improve your teeth and how long the treatment can be expected to take. Once you leave the office, you can expect to receive an Invisalign about every two weeks for around a year, which is the average length of Invisalign treatment.

Cleaning Your Invisalign and Follow-Up

To lower the chances of saliva buildup and plaque growth in your Invisalign, make sure to rinse your Invisalign after use.

Brushing your teeth after a starchy meal before putting your Invisalign back into place is also a good strategy for ensuring bacteria doesn’t grow on your Invisalign aligner. Ask your orthodontist if soaking your Invisalign in denture cleaner or Invisalign’s proprietary soaking solution might help as well.

At the end of your Invisalign treatment, your teeth might not need any more correction, or they might benefit from a clear retainer to avoid backsliding. Does this sound like an option that would work for you? Then call us for a consultation!