Sitting in the Orthodontist’s chair can be a nerve wracking experience for anyone. You feel vulnerable in the reclined position you’re sitting in, you have a contraption in your mouth to keep it open no matter what, and you have someone’s rubber-gloved hands all over your teeth. However, having an orthodontist with a sense of humor can make the experience a lot more comfortable for everyone.

You might even hear some funny things come out of the patient’s mouth in return! (Aside from the gurgled mumbling coming from the fact that their mouth is partially numb and their their tongue is pressed back by the orthodontic contraption.)

Funny Orthodontist Quotes

Here are a couple funny Orthodontist quotes:

  • “How about you stop chewing on rocks!”

No matter what your age, it can be difficult to keep your braces like new. Breaking off a bracket or having your wire fray is normal, but the way this orthodontist responded is pretty amusing.

  • “This will only hurt a lot”

Getting your braces tightened hurts, but over exaggerating the pain factor might make your patient laugh and realize it’s not as bad as they think. Just make sure they’re old enough to understand sarcasm!

Funny Patient Quotes

On the other side of the overhead lamp, here are some funny patient quotes:

  • Orthodontist: “What are your hobbies? Do you participate in activities that could be potentially damage your braces?”
    Patient: “Sure! Spelunking, Cliff jumping, sky diving, and I actually work as a rodeo clown on the weekends.”

While it can be tedious to answer the several questions your orthodontist might have for you, if you joke about your responses, your orthodontist might appreciate the humor. Just don’t let them prescribe you with any expensive protective gear you don’t need!

  • “Will this hurt?”

This quote said by a first time patient is definitely funny for anyone who has every made it through an orthodontist visit. Follow us on Facebook to view more funny experiences and learn more about orthodontic work for you and your family!