Just because you may have gone twenty, thirty or even forty years without having invested in a perfect smile, it doesn’t mean that you have to go any longer! There have been many innovations in the past several years that can help you get the smile you’ve always wanted—without wearing a metal headpiece or having braces for ages. What? You didn’t think that was possible? Well here are some of the latest and greatest innovations in Orlando Orthodontics:

Clear Braces

Though teenagers might enjoy sporting different colored braces for a flashy smile, clear braces are a great alternative to get straight teeth without letting everyone know it. Clear braces are just as effective as the well-known metal braces, but are made of a translucent biocompatible ceramic material. For someone who wants to straighten their smile and keep it low key, they’re a great option. 


Invisalign Just like clear braces, Invisalign® is great for those who want to straighten their teeth with no wire required! Invisalign® braces are perfect for getting a perfect smile with more comfort, as the biocompatible plastic is much less irritating to the lips and gums during wear. Invisalign® braces are virtually invisible and work well for those who want to gradually improve their smile in a transparent way. They must be worn 22 hours a day in order to be effective.


You may have already heard of clear braces and Invisalign®, but have you heard of TADS? TAD stands for temporary anchorage devices and is made up of titanium alloy mini-screws that are temporarily attached to your jawbone to enhance your orthodontic treatment. TADS are a great option for those who are missing teeth and are also working around already straight teeth that they don’t want to move. These “anchor” teeth will stay put while surrounding teeth will be able to move to the desired positions. Visit our smile galleryand see what Dr. Carlyle can do for you today!