Straighter teeth can absolutely pave the way for a nicer smile. Braces are one of the tools that orthodontists use to bring your teeth into closer alignment and produce dazzling smiles.

It’s kind of amazing what braces can do—braces can correct gaps between your teeth, underbites, overbites, and crossbites that put too much stress on the jaw.

Many people wouldn’t initially think it, but a poor bite could contribute to wear and tear on the teeth over time and even potentially exacerbate more serious conditions like temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder.

Braces could help correct many of these imbalances and can even realign protruding teeth so that they’re less prone to wear-and-tear stress as well as trauma. You might think that with all of the benefits braces offer—a brighter smile, better jaw alignment, and even improved oral health—that this would all end up costing a lot of money.

In fact, braces are more affordable than ever as orthodontists are willing to work with you, and your insurer, to find that payment schedule that works best for your budget. Affordable braces are within reach.

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Affordable Braces: Within Reach and Within Budget

The first thing that most new patients to Carlyle Orthodontics want to know is whether braces will be covered by their existing insurance. The answer often turns out to be “yes.” Carlyle Orthodontics accepts a number of different kinds of insurance plans, including: Delta Dental, TRICARE, MetLife, Cigma, and many more kinds of insurance.

Dr. Carlyle sees new patients from a range of age groups. Kids, teens, and adults are all encouraged to drop by for a scheduled consultation to discuss the possibility of braces.

  • The new patient process, payment plans, and orthodontic insurance

Digital photographs of a prospective patient’s teeth, supporting jaw structure, and face will be taken. Then, Dr. Carlyle will present you with your clinical findings on how well you would do with braces.

Both treatment options and an overview of costs will be discussed along with Dr. Carlyle’s clinical findings at your initial new patient exam.

Affordable braces are what Dr. Carlyle’s team wants, which is why you’ll discuss fees and payment options before planning out your treatment schedule. Dr. Carlyle’s office offers a no-down-payment option and works diligently to make affordable braces an option for all patients.

Dr. Carlyle’s office will work directly with your orthodontic insurance company to ensure that all of your orthodontic insurance benefits are being used fully. The staff at Carlyle Orthodontics goes one step further by filing claims and interacting with your orthodontic insurance company directly on your behalf. That means less stress and broader coverage.

  • Fees, discounts, and credit options to make braces affordable

Affordable braces can be made even more budget-friendly when you pay in advance. Carlyle Orthodontics has a policy of offering a significant fee discount for patients who make a full payment at the outset of orthodontic treatment. That’s one way to make affordable braces an attainable goal!

Dr. Carlyle’s staff can also work with you to spread payments over a lengthier period of time—thus, lowering the cost of each payment—in order to fit the financial needs of patients who need braces. Carlyle Orthodontics accepts payment from major credit card companies as well.

Credit finance, whether from small private loans or credit cards, are another way that you can make braces more affordable and budget friendly. Having a plan can end up saving you a lot of money in the long run since spreading payments over longer payment periods can significantly increase the likelihood of making on-time payments.

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