While there are hundreds of thousands of people who get braces each year, few are truly taking advantage of the process and getting the most out of their braces. Many are hindering the process by breaking the rules and avoiding the orthodontist’s chair, but here are three ways to get the most out of your braces and the entire experience:

Don’t be afraid of tightening day

It might not always be you or your child’s favorite activity to get their braces tightened, but it’s nothing to fear. Each month when you sit in the orthodontist’s chair and get your braces adjusted, the pain means that your teeth are moving and that you’re one step closer to getting the smile you’ve always wanted. Instead of avoiding the chair, sticking to your monthly visits will get you your smile quicker and help you get more out of the entire experience.

teeth with braces

Keep the rules

Just like how someone who is trying to lose weight needs to avoid the desserts after dinner, you may need to make sacrifices while your braces are on. Hard candy and sugary gum are not only bad for your teeth in general, but are two of the most common causes of broken brackets and weakening wiring. However, it’s not just junk food that’s off the menu while you have your braces, raw vegetables such as carrots and celery or fruits like apples can cause just as many problems. To get the most out of your braces, make sure you keep the rules of what to eat, and how to eat it. Cutting your food up a little smaller than normal could mean the difference between an extra trip to your Orlando orthodontist, or a trouble free month between appointments.

Go back to your Orthodontist at the first sign of trouble

Even though we have rules, it’s inevitable that one will get broken at some point. Whether it was a bite into that juicy green apple, or a decision to chomp on some sugary gum, you may be one of the many who breaks a bracket. The most important thing to remember when a bracket breaks off is to call your orthodontist as soon as possible and make an appointment. You might think it’s not a big deal, but having a broken or displaced bracket for even a few weeks can set the processes of straightening your teeth back much more than you realize.

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