To answer the question “Do I need braces?” would requires careful consideration of your oral health as well as your lifestyle. Orthodontic procedures can make a significant difference in your appearance while safeguarding your dental health. When misalignment is not treated in childhood, it can lead to tooth decay, gum disease and jaw pain. Additionally, changes in your teeth later in life may warrant a need for braces. If you are trying to determine if braces might be an option for you, then here are the top signs that a visit to the orthodontist may improve your appearance and health.

Crooked Teeth

uneven teeth

The most common reasons for orthodontic treatment is the embarrassment and frustration that comes with crooked teeth. Yet, it is important to know that appearance concerns are only the smallest problem that crooked teeth can cause. When your teeth are out of alignment, food can get caught in between them and lead to tooth and gum decay. It is also harder to brush and floss properly when your teeth do not fit together correctly.

Incorrect Bite

Overbites and under bites can be genetic, or they can be the result of oral health habits such as thumb-sucking during childhood. When you have an incorrect bite, eating and speaking can place stress on your jaw joints. According to Everyday Health, this can lead to jaw joint pain, headaches and popping sounds that can contribute to serious oral health issues if left untreated.

Lack of Self-Confidence

Those who have large gaps between their teeth or other types of orthodontic conditions may find that they attempt to hide their smile in an effort to avoid showing their teeth. This lack of self-confidence can interfere with your daily functioning and impact your career and relationships. Anytime you have a concern about how your smile looks to others, you may have a need for braces.

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When you are concerned about your teeth, it is important to talk to an orthodontist who can evaluate your oral health for signs that braces may be necessary. Although some orthodontic problems are visible to everyone, others may only be identified during a professional examination. If you are worried about gaps, crooked teeth or changes in your bite, then a consultation with an orthodontist can help you decide if braces will make an improvement in your comfort and appearance.