Orthodontists are specialist dental professionals with years of experience helping patients straighten crooked teeth, bring missing teeth into closer alignment with surrounding teeth, and correct issues of the supporting jaw.

The orthodontists at Carlyle Orthodontics have completed four years of dental school in addition to three years of specialist orthodontic training.

This means that no matter what treatment option you receive from Carlyle Orthodontics, you can rest assured that you’re getting the right orthodontic solutions to address your dental issues.


Every Patient Receives Truly Customized Treatments

Since every patient has different dental needs, orthodontists at Carlyle Orthodontics will work with you to find the right solution.

This could mean metal or clear braces to address an underbite or overbite or a computer-generated Invisalign aligner to gently move your teeth into closer alignment over time.

Carlyle Orthodontics Treats a Wide Range of Concerns

There are a number of conditions for which braces might be an ideal solution. These include things like: a deep bite, underbite, protruding front or “bucked” teeth, open bite, chewing difficulties, large gaps between teeth, and a lower jaw that shifts while chewing foods.

The trained orthodontists at Carlyle Orthodontics have seen and successfully treated all of these issues and realize that no two patients are identical. Customized treatments set us apart.

Dr. Carlyle Is Highly Qualified, Friendly, and Experienced

Dr. Carlyle earned her masters degree in organic chemistry prior to receiving her DDS from the University of California-San Diego.

She’s received several awards since that time and completed her three-year specialist treatment at the Health Sciences Center at the University of Tennessee.

Today, Dr. Carlyle brings care and professionalism to children, adolescent, and adult patients. She focuses her work on tailoring orthodontic and dentofacial orthopedic treatments to each patient’s unique needs.

Orthodontic Solutions Are for Most Ages

Carlyle Orthodontics is also unique in that we see a huge age range of patients.

Early orthodontic treatments are frequently discussed between pediatric dentists and parents, starting when children are around seven years old.

At that age, there’s usually a clear idea of how the child’s teeth are coming along, and the American Association of Orthodontists also recommends a consultation with parents at age seven.

It’s best to address orthodontic issues early, and age seven is about when permanent incisors and molars start to come in. That being the case, dentists and orthodontists can often detect issues like overcrowding early in the process.

Having said that, one in five patients who come to Carlyle Orthodontics are adult patients, so it’s never too late to correct an alignment issue. Alignment issues are also frequently treated in adolescent patients who come to Carlyle Orthodontics.

It’s great to get these issues out of the way early in the developmental process since teeth alignment issues are much easier to treat early. A lot of teens will love hearing that they can improve their appearance with braces and that the placement of brackets and bands doesn’t hurt!

Carlyle Orthodontics Has a Ton of Positive Reviews!

One of the first things that patients want to know is about other patients’ experiences with a dental professional.

Because Dr. Carlyle treats every patient as an individual—respecting and acknowledging each patient’s needs—the positive reviews have piled up. Check them all out here.

On Google+, patients raved that they “loved the office” and that they had a “wonderful experience” with Dr. Carlyle and her staff. You really can have a positive orthodontic experience while improving your health and self-esteem. Contact us to learn more!