The Painful Truth

The first day after you get your braces can sometimes be the worst. Not only are you gums swollen from your teeth already pulling in directions they’ve never been in, but the foreign metal brackets and wires are scratching the insides of your mouth from all angles while talk, chew your food, or even just sit still! This painful first day is relived nearly every time your braces are tightened, as the teeth are pulled again in new directions and previously untouched areas of your mouth fall victim to the scratch of the brackets and wire.

Man with tooth ache

How to help braces pain

While everyone handles pain differently, here are a few ways to improve your experience with your braces and help relieve some of the pain:

1. Waxing

No, not that kind of waxing. As soon as you get braces, your orthodontist will give you a small container of clear wax to help cover individual metal brackets and give the insides of your mouth a little rest. Taking just a tiny amount and placing it on the braces so it sticks and covers the bracket completely will do the trick and give the insides of your mouth a much needed break.

2. Cold Compresses

If your gums are swollen from your latest tightening, relief can be as simple as a wet cloth. Take a towel and wet it with some cold water, the colder the better! Then use it to put pressure on the most swollen areas in your mouth. It’s a simple method that can give you relief when you need it most.

3. Orajel

If nothing else seems to work, numbing the areas where your braces are rubbing against the inside of your mouth can help a lot! Basic products you can pick up at any grocery store or pharmacy will temporarily do the trick and make sure that you get a bit of relief. Just make sure you don’t overdo it while applying it to the painful areas or your whole mouth could go numb for several minutes!

4. Taking your Mind off the Pain

Stop wondering how to alleviate braces pain by getting your mind over the pain. Sometimes pain from braces can be a mind over matter deal. While lying on the couch and watching a boring TV show, you’ll most definitely feel the pain more than if you were out and about with your normal activities. Getting your braces tightened is not excuse to take a half day off and wallow in pain. Even something as simple as going grocery shopping, folding laundry, or mowing the backyard can take your mind away from the pain and get you through the toughest days!

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