People come into Carlyle Orthodontics to get amazing smiles and correct all kinds of bite issues. Whether you have an underbite, overbite, crossbite, or spacing issues, braces can help you get a more beautiful and structurally sound smile. Metal and clear braces might be the answer you’ve been looking for.

Braces can also correct less common, though still serious, bite issues that can affect your jaw function over time. Issues like overcrowding and dental midliens that don’t quite match up can seem like minor issues but both can actually affect jaw function and the wear and tear your teeth take over time.

So, you can think of braces as one of the most effective ways of correcting all kinds of bite issues and straightening crooked teeth in the process. And, according to the folks at Invisalign, straighter teeth often translate into improved self-esteem, easier dental cleanings, and perhaps even a lower chance of developing more serious health issues down the line.


Solutions for Minor Issues with Braces

When patients come to Carlyle Orthodontics, they’re understandably excited to take control of their dental health and straighten their crooked teeth with braces. Patients who come in are usually also brimming with questions about braces during the initial consultation.

  • Problem #1: Braces and Sticky Foods

A very popular topic of discussion that comes up before patients get their brackets and braces installed is what kinds of foods are going to work best while they’re wearing braces. The truth is that chewy and sticky foods might not be best when you’re wearing braces.

Chewy foods like bagels and candy can get stuck in your brackets and make cleaning your braces more difficult. One huge sticking point for many of Dr. Carlyle’s patients is popcorn—those little kernels really have a way of staying around long after the movie’s over.

The truth is that hard, sticky, or tough foods might cause you issues but there is a long list of foods that won’t stick to your brackets and that might actually improve your oral health.

Soft fruits and vegetables are great additions to any diet, and eggs might be a good alternative to tougher meats or hard breads. Sticking to the essentials in the food pyramid isn’t a bad place to start.

  • Problem #2: General Mouth Soreness

Whenever you’re trying to correct spacing issues or crooked teeth with braces, there can be some soreness. Rinsing with warm salt water as a mouthwash can relieve the tenderness that patients feel in their mouth as their teeth are coming in better alignment.

  • Problem #3: Brushing Your Teeth with Braces

After you brush your teeth at a 45-degree angle from the gum line as we’re all taught make sure to gently place the toothbrush at the top of your bracket then make a soft downstroke to dislodge any stuck food particles. Using an oral irrigator in conjunction with regular flossing can also help remove food particles.

  • Problem #4: Braces Causing Gum Sores

Sometimes, the brackets or wires on your braces can cause nicks along your gums as you chew food. If one of your brackets rubs against your gums for too long it can cause a bit of discomfort. Sleeping on your side could also potentially cause some abrasion.

Fortunately, the solution here is a simple one—talk to your orthodontist at Carlyle Orthodontics about the issue and ask about orthodontic wax. This kind of wax is made for the brackets on braces and comes in a convenient box. The wax is also transparent so no one has to know that it’s covering one of your brackets.