Even with the terrific resources in Orlando to gain that enviable smile, many residents have yet to take advantage of them. Here are three great reasons why you should visit an Orlando orthodontist today and get that smile you’ve always wanted.

Wisdom teeth and dental instruments

You’re a little toothless

Whether you’ve just cracked a tooth due to eating the wrong thing, or a tooth fell completely out due to an accident, it’s time to visit an Orlando orthodontist. Many adults may feel that even though they’ve lost a tooth, it is too far back in their mouth to impact their other teeth, or they’ve stopped growing so it won’t affect their smile. In fact, losing any tooth at any age can affect your smile and can cause your surrounding teeth to shift significantly. An Orlando orthodontist will let you know about all the options available to make sure you don’t have any significant changes to your mouth, including: spacers, dental implants, retainers or Invisalign®.

You’ve never visited an Orlando Orthodontist

Maybe you’re one of the lucky few whose teeth came in perfectly straight as a child and you never had any issues with your smile. However, as you got older you noticed shifting or movements that have caused your once perfect teeth to become a little crooked. Even if you’ve never stepped foot into an orthodontist’s chair before, getting your straight teeth back or finally getting that perfect smile in your twenties, thirties, forties or beyond is just as possible as when you were in your pre-teens and teens. So if you’ve never had a need, now might be the time to take a seat in the orthodontist’s chair and see how you can get that perfect smile!

Those pesky wisdom teeth

It truly is a wonder why they call them “wisdom” teeth as they tend to grow in the most unwise directions and positions in our mouth. Those who spent their adolescence with naturally straight teeth are surprised to find one day that their teeth are shifting due to something seen or unseen in the very back of their mouth. These wisdom teeth not only grow up and down, but can also grow sideways in either direction and at various angles, moving all the teeth in front of them and even causing issues such as severe overlap if not taken care of immediately.

Your Orlando orthodontist will let you know early on how your wisdom teeth can impact your smile and give you options about extraction, whether they can come out when they’re fully emerged, or if they need to be surgically removed before they cause any more damage to your teeth.

Next time you think to yourself, “Should I visit an orthodontist?” Take the next step in getting a perfect smile and request a free consultation today!